Funded by the U.S. Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance, the National Case Closed Project is a nationwide program designed to support law enforcement agencies in improving their violent crime clearance rates, with an emphasis on fatal and nonfatal shooting cases. The project team actively partners with law enforcement agencies to identify effective and sustainable practices related to agency operations, agency resources, investigator capabilities, and community relations. Technical assistance and training resources are provided to partner agencies that can also be utilized by law enforcement agencies across the nation to improve their violent crime clearance rates.

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Investigating Shootings

Learn about the skills required to investigate fatal and nonfatal shootings and best practices related to the organization, supervision, and activities of investigators, as well as crime scene investigation, technology use, and cold cases.

Engaging the Community

Explore tools that help law enforcement agencies work hand-in-hand with community organizations to improve coordinated responses to shooting investigations and trust building in communities.

Prosecuting Shootings Cases

Learn critical aspects related to prosecuting fatal and nonfatal shootings cases including coordinating with law enforcement, utlizing evidence, addressing victim and witness intimidation, and leveraging expert testimony.

Engaging Victims and Witnesses

Explore victim-centered and trauma-informed practices that can improve victim, witness, and family engagement as part of fatal and nonfatal shooting investigations.

Performing Self-Assessment and Evaluation

Learn about the value of agency evaluation, evidence-informed practices, and how best to implement and support data-driven practices within shooting investigations.

Maximizing Gun Intelligence

Explore NIBIN resources including investigative checklists and learn about innovation practices within gun crime intelligence centers and the use of gun tracing in investigations.


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National Case Closed Project: Effective Methods for Building Community Trust and Improving Perceptions of Police Legitimacy

May 16 2024

Effective Methods for Building Community Trust and Improving Perceptions of Police Legitimacy Engaging Victims Survivors and Family Members in the Investigation.


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National Case Closed Webinar: Core Standards for Fatal and Non-fatal Shooting Investigations

Mar 27 2024

Learn from Dr. Kevin Strom, RTI International and Lt. Kevin Armbruster (Ret.), Milwaukee Police Department, as they discuss how law enforcement agencies can employ evidence-informed strategies to investigate and resolve fatal and non-fatal shooting cases and improve crime clearance rates. This National Cased Closed webinar is designed to identify and reinforce fundamental principles and best practices, including aspects of fatal and non-fatal shooting investigations that are often overlooked or not properly documented. The adoption of these strategies and recommendations can support a more consistent and effective response to shootings and improve case outcomes.

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2023 Convening of the National Case Closed Project | Practices for Effectively Investigating Fatal and Non-fatal Shootings

Sep 25 2023

The first convening of the National Case Closed Project (NCCP), hosted by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and RTI International, will be held on September 25-26th, 2023 at RTI International's Headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC. The National Case Closed Project is a BJA initiative that aids law enforcement agencies nationwide in improving their violent crime clearance rates, especially in gun cases. This support is provided through custom training and technical assistance and tailored recommendations developed from comprehensive assessments. This convening will include presentations and discussions from a diverse group of stakeholders on agency needs to improve shooting clearance rates, and research and practices regarding effective organizational practices for responding to shootings.

The convening will feature presentations and panels that will provide agencies the opportunity to explore innovative strategies and best practices in solving cases and building strong relationships with victims, and the community. This event will also provide a platform for law enforcement professionals to exchange knowledge, experiences, and insights on critical topics that are central to modern policing. By sharing expertise, experiences, and lessons learned, this event aims to equip law enforcement agencies with the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance their investigative capabilities, strengthen community relationships, and foster a safer and more inclusive society.

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RTI 2023 Community Safety and Policing Symposium: Community Perspectives on Gun Violence Prevention

Mar 16 2023

Dr. Stacy Sechrist, RTI International, moderates a session with Tonya Cuthbertson, Mother's Standing Against Violence (Greensboro, NC), and Mike McKissic, Mikey23 Foundation (Lansing, MI). The presenters discuss community initiatives and perspectives on enhancing gun violence prevention.

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